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Does TP Agent on Kubernetes have a health-check?

In your example for Kubernetes: TestProject Agent on Kubernetes - TestProject Documentation

TestProject container is checking Chrome’s health.

livenessProbe: # The chrome pod take about ~30 sec to be ready. We need to start agent registration ONLY when booth Firefox and Chrome is available. 
              - /bin/sh
              - -c              
              - curl -sSL http://chrome:4444/wd/hub/status | jq -r '.value.ready' | grep "true" || exit 1              
            initialDelaySeconds: 30
            periodSeconds: 5

I am running in one pod my app, TestProject agent and Chrome. I would like my app to do a health check on TestProject Agent container. Is this available?

@Mark_K @Amit.Lacher @kfir.yosef @artem.kuznetsov @ran.tzur Hi guys, please could any of you tell me if you have k8s health checks I could use? It would be super helpful to me. Thanks