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Does the repeat step option checks for conditions?

I want to run a test step until certain condition is met. However this is not happening.

I set a variable called “Repeat” with value = 1. The step is another test that has been set up to run 4 times while the condition is met, which is Repeat not equal to 0. An inside step changes the value of Repeat to 0 in the first run and send it through an output parameter. However the step keeps running for all the times setup instead of checking for the condition and skip the other 3.

I’ll appreciate your support.

Hello @richard1,

The condition is being checked before each strep repeat. You will see all the steps in the report, but as grey skipped steps. Do you have different behavior? if yo do, please post screenshots of the test and subtest.

@guy.saban Thank you for replying. I found an error in my logic and now is working fine. Thanks!