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Does the recorder allow regex string in input parameters ie. randomly generate a password?

The company I work for are excited about this tool but are worried about storing username and password in a 3rd party open source tool. To mitigate this fear, I’d like to create some test helpers that login in using a randomly generated password for each test and a second test that deletes the user from the application.

I’m curious if the test parameters in the recorder allow for regex that would generate a random text string and type it into the password field. Apologies if this has been asked before somewhere in the forums; I didn’t locate anything that seemed similar to this.

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Hello @erick.caceres.

Look no further than the ‘Random Login Credentials’ addon.

This addon contains a few actions that will generate a random email,password and username each time the test step is executed.

You can then of course, save these results from the step as a parameter in your test and type them out in any field you’d like using the type text action.

Head over to the addon section and get it from there.

Hope this helps.

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Oh man! How did I not find this add-on?! lol
Well, that answers it for me. Thanks! Apologies for not finding that myself :smiley:

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