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Does Testproject support flutter app?

Does Testproject support flutter app?

Hello @gaurav.j, thanks for reaching out.

Yes, TestProject does support Flutter applications.
feel free to test your Flutter applications using TestProject Smart Test Recorder

Hi, how doing ?

We´ve tried to run a flutter designed app that is running on apps store in order to explore / discover testprojet. But, we cannot run the testr recorded because testproject runs a error saying its not possible to find the desired element (for ex: the login text).
Seems to me this happens the tests because flutter does not create the resource-id to its objects and it is a know issue to appium app test.

Is it possible to use testproject to flutter apps anyway ?


Hey @fcandido.tech, thanks for reaching out.

have you tried to capture the element using a different selector strategy rather than “resource-id”?
(such as content-desc, accessibility-id, etc)

is your application publicly accessible, so we can check it on our end? if so, can you share the name of the application?

Hi there,

To be honest, I recorded a test on a java app (and it runs fine) and when I tried to run same scenarios (basically a user login) creating a new project to flutter apps, it does not work and I have noticed that the resource-id is nulled and when I play the test it runs a error to me.

Please feel free to reach https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=br.com.jjconsulting.gestaototalcare.android and try to run a bad login scenario (using an aleatory user and pass).

I also did this test on my account I got the following screens in order to help us, you can check it on https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bJMLTo-WCFNlv4_jP9qKoAuFS6_e2IaN/view?usp=sharing


Hey @fcandido.tech

I can’t seem to download the application from the Google Play Store, can you please send the application’s APK file to our support email address at support@testproject.io?

Hey @fcandido.tech,

Thanks for sharing the APK, we are currently investigating this issue.

meanwhile, you can use the “Type Text (using ADB)” action, it will perform the typing text properly


I have also tried the mobile recorder but it not worked as expected for flutter elements. Works perfectly for android part.

please make sure that you are working with agent 0.65.30 or higher, we added better flutter support there, if the flutter app still refuse to recognize on iOS, try to record on IOS simulator (xcode) we already support it and it should identify it out of the box: How to enable iOS simulators Test Recording with TestProject | TestProject Help Center

I have tried agent version 0.65.30.Since our application is combination of Android + flutter. Android part is working fine but when try on flutter part its not working or unexpected behaviour mostly on text boxes , radio buttons.
Please help.

Ok, did you tried to record this flutter app test on xcode simulator? it behaves the same? we did observed some cases when the recorder unable identify elements on flutter-iOS but this solved once you switch the recording on simulators.

please send us an email, indicating your time zone to support@testproject.io email, one of the developers /solution engineers will take a closer look