Does TestProject is dead?

Cant reach TestProject for the last few hours. No updates so far


The reason is that, as per the VP of Product management of Tricentis, TestProject is free and thus has no support available. So you will most likely not get any support, unless people from the Community can help you with your problem.

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" asaf.saar

"Dear all,

I’m Asaf Saar, VP of Product Management at Tricentis.

The TestProject product is a free product offering by Tricentis, as such, there is no support provided for this product.

We are very happy with the current functionality of the product and do not plan to add any additional features. Our main focus is ensuring the product is secure and stable.

All our commercial products, such as Tosca, Testim, TTA for ServiceNow, etc. offer full support with strong roadmap ahead."