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Does test project provides device lab or use our own local emulator/real device?

Would you provide a device lab for us? Or do we need to use our own device lab or local emulator/real device?
Is Test Project provide only a framework or framework with a device lab also?


Hi @ramkumar.y,

TestProject is a test automation framework for functional testing. We allow users to use either physical devices or emulator (currently, only for Android).

We do not provide device farms or emulators, but we are about to realease integrations with SacuceLabs and BrowserStack. This will allow you to run your tests on more than 1000 different devices and browsers.

Kind regards,


When is this expected to be released? Anything we can do until then to get around this problem? I would need to be able to do cross browser testing on all different types of browsers and devices.

Hi @frumie.kronengold,

Tomorrow we are going to release the new integration with Sauce Labs!

You’re welcome to go ahead and sign up to a joint webinar we are having to demonstrate this exciting integration:

I Hope to see you there :wink:

Wow, that is amazing!! Thank you, I signed up and am looking forward.
Is there a pricing chart I can review to see how much it would run me to use Saucelabs with your tool? How does it work?

Also, do you have documents or information I can reference? I’m running on a tight deadline and would like to see how I can implement Saucelabs with TestProject to cover my needs.

Hi @frumie.kronengold,

You can find more details about the pricing plans in Sauce Labs’ website. We merley provide the integration and the abillity to run your tests on Sauce Labs’ devices and browsers. Since TestProject is completely free, we do not charge anything.

As for the documentation, we are working on it as we speak and it should be ready in few days.

Kind regards,

Thank you very much!

Hi @frumie.kronengold,

We just released the new Sauce Labs integration!

You can find more details about it in the documentation: https://docs.testproject.io/testproject-integrations/sauce-labs-integration

You are welcome to read about it and start using it already :wink: