Does anyone knows how to use the Date Time Operations addon

Guys, please help out on how to use the Date Time Operations addon
I have tried the documents but it didn’t help. Does anybody have a video tutorial or screenshots document for step-by-step implementation would be really helpful?

Hi @sachin_b What is it that you want to achieve, what is your specific testcase?

Hi, Matthijs thanks for replying.
I want to insert a date from the calendar for coupon creation. I am struggling with addon implementation. After which step i should use the addon feature or what data should I provide in the addon to perform the action.
If you have screenshots or video tutorials of the implementation of the addon would be really helpful. so I can check or perform all the feature of the addon on how to fetch dates from the calendar

At a certain point I need to do a check.
There is an order with an orderline and I need to check the termination date.
That date is either the 28’th of the next month, or exactly 6 weeks from now.
I have gotten the original date from the field.
I specify the format in which the date is found and the format in which the date should be.
And I specify that 1 month should be added.
That new value I save to a parameter to use later.

Or in the otehr case I add 42 days to the current date
Again specifying the format of the date received and the formate in which the date should be saved to a parameter.

Later I get the value from the field and I do a simpel comparison with this new parameter.

Thanks…can you please share what parameter value you set in factuurdatum and nuieuwe_vervaldatum


This is how I get the value for the date
Find element and get attribute value for the title attribute.

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Hi, Matthijs Good morning,
Sorry, I am bothering you again but I really appreciate your help. Can you do a favor for me, please??? Can you record the whole test case with the help of a screen recorder and send it on my E-mail id( You can compress the video. Actually, I want to see how and where you apply the addon in the test case and what I am doing wrong while applying the addon.

Sorry for my late reply.
Unfortunately I can’t help you with that.
How and where I apply the addon.
This is a test for ordering.
This is a check for the billing period.
Depending on the mode of payment selected, the billing period might differ.
So I have to check if the billing period that is shown on the screen is correct.
To that end I have a sub-test that could be translated as check billing period.
That has 6 steps.
First step is to see if I have to expand a menu dropdown.
IF I have to I will do so in step 2
If I do not have to. step 2 is skipped.
Then in step 3 and 4 I get the title attribute of a field that contains said billing info.
There is a field called billingdate (factuurdatum)
And a field called expiration date (vervaldatum)


As you can see the date value is in the title field.
So I get the date value from those fields and stash them in a parameter

Then I check the expiration date.
That could either be the 28’th of the next months of exactly 6 weeks (42 days) later, depending on the payment method selected.
So the 28’th of the next month
So I add 1 month to the billingdate.

And I save the new value to a parameter called factuurdatum_plus1
Then I use regex to replace the day value with 28

Since the format is d-m-yyyy
I look for the first occurrence of one of more numbers followed by -
and I replace that with the value 28 and save it to the parameter nieuwe_vervaldatum
And then I compare the expiry date found on the page with the constructed expiry date

Or if the payment period is 6 weeks I add 42 days to the billing date to the the expiry date.

And I compare again.

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