Documentation on TestProject YAML file format

If I want to use text editor to directly edit the YAML file that I saved from Test Recorder for offline mode, I need to know the format first. Do you know where I can find the documentation on the file format of TestProject generated YAML files for test cases?

Hi @pohsoon.lee,
Saving a test as a file is meant mainly for executing tests offline.
If you want to download your tests and edit them use the ‘Generated Code’ option.

You can read more about it here:

Hi @ran.ferdinaro , understood. This will generate a coded test in form of Java code with OpenSDK for further modification and execution. However, correct me if I am wrong, using this coded form we will not be able to open it again in TestProject Recorder, unlike YAML file.

In my case that I would like to edit the saved YAML file (probably with automation) so that element locators captured by users can be auto optimized to save user effort. For instance, removing the the prefix package name to suit multiple mobile app packages of same type installed in the same mobile device.
In that case, I wonder how I can do such automation. Do I need to know the file format used in TestProject YAML file first? Or any other suggestion?

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Hi @pohsoon.lee,
You can upload coded tests.
Here are some articles that should help you:

How can i upload a coded test to testproject
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