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Docker agents assigned to Jobs lost after update

Not sure how else to title this. I will break it down below.

I have 10 docker agents, one of the Dev has placed them on AWS. We would like to know if there is any way for the “Jobs” to pull from the pool of 10 docker agents, or make sure that when an update is done aka get latest TP agent in docker that the job retains an agent.

Essentially what we want is to assign the job an agent, be able to update, and not lose that agent from the job.

We cannot update an agent without re-registering it under a new name or deleting the agent that is already registered under the same name first

name collisions prevent seamless agent updates

I really hope that this makes sense. Please let me know if you need more information I would be happy to try and fill in.

Hello @marcel.bauer
Docker agents can be permanent just like “regular” agents.
That means, after you spin the container once, the agent will register and will stay registered, if you turn off the container, it will disconnect until you spin it up again.
So in general, just make those 10 containers permanent, and assign each job to one of those agents in the Job settings (Click on the pencil icon next to the job).

You can make the agents permanent by supplying them with a TP_AGENT_ALIAS and make sure it has no TP_JOB_ID parameter as well.

Thank you @ran.tzur I will try and get these items updated and see how this works out for me. I really appreciate the help. I will reply with how it works out.

Hi @ran.tzur Ran, thank you for the answer and yes this is how we have it set up.

my question would be how do we handle, when there is an update to the agent needed in Test project? Is there a way to update the docker agents/test project agents and still maintain that permanent connection on the jobs etc.

I think we are just missing a step or just understanding on the updates. again thank you so much for your help so far :slight_smile: