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Do Testproject supports headless mode for selenium?

As we are bound to work on headless mode for all our UI products, so please let me know if testproject works in headless mode. If so any leads to it.

Hi Chandra,

Currently you can install the TestProject Agent on Headless Linux (such as Ubuntu server) and execute your tests in a Headless Chrome.

In addition, soon we will have support for running Chrome and Firefox in a Headless mode on any operating system, including running TestProject Agent in Docker.

Can you please share with us more about your use case and current setup? So we can provide you the best solution.

Our services, Kubernates, CICD, Devops, deployed on linux. so if i want to run selenium testcases over the weekend where no manual intervention & running on windows servers/laptops is not feasible if interuppted. that needs headless mode.

If any other way for the above consequences please let me know. love to hear

Thank you

Hi @chandra.prasanna,

As Karen mentioned above, you can install a TestProject agent on Linux server and run your tests in headless mode.

Besides that, we are going to release a new feature that will allow you to run Chrome and Firefox in headless mode on any operating system. I will, of course, keep you updated :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Hi, does anyone have instructions on how to accomplish this?

Hi @gzumaglini,

You need instructions to install an agent on a Linux server?
If that’s the case, this is what you need to do:

  1. Download a Linux agent from another machine with GUI: https://app.testproject.io/#/download
  2. Copy the “TestProjectAgent_x64.sh” file to the headless machine via network or VM mapped folder
  3. In the terminal, navigate to the folder that contains the “TestProjectAgent_x64.sh” file
  4. Grant “Execute” permission to the “TestProjectAgent_x64.sh” file
  5. Install the agent by typing this command in the terminal: ./TestProjectAgent_x64.sh
  6. Follow the installation instructions in the terminal
  7. After the agent successfully installed on your machine, register this agent as a remote agent from another machine that has GUI. Provide the Linux server’s IP address and give it a name:
  8. That’s it! Your agent is now registered and ready to execute tests/jobs :slight_smile:

Let me know if you’ll need my help with that!

Hello amit,

thank you for the instructions … i tried to set this up on a VirtualBox VM with Ubuntu 18.04.3

I installed the TestProject-Agent and could establish a connection from my Mac using the IP from the VM as a remote agent.

Unfortunately there is no selectable browser when i tried to setup a new Test/Job using my remote agent, it simply shows no selectable browsers.
During the installation process 2 errors have occured that maybe explain the problem?

chmod: cannot access ‘/home/luca/testproject/agent/drivers/chromedriver’: No such file or directory
chmod: cannot access ‘/home/luca/testproject/agent/drivers/geckodriver’: No such file or directrory
Installation complete.

Thank you for your help!

Hi @gzumaglini,

Do you have any installed browser on your Linux machine?
If you don’t have, you should install them. Otherwise, the agent will not be able to run any test.

ok, it works now! had to restart the vm :wink:

That’s great!
I’m glad that it worked out for you :slight_smile:

Have downloaded TestProject_Agent_0.60.2.sh from https://app.testproject.io/#/download for linux ubuntu.
Their is a error thrown while running ./TestProject_Agent_0.60.2.sh.

Verifying archive integrity… 100% Error in MD5 checksums: b298402d1d8502e6e739db41945df138 is different from e316a2bafac483abc51827e6ea529f15

Have tried downloading from office network & personal network.
Pls suggest any solution or pls provide different link to download


Hi @chandra.prasanna. Have you followed this guide for installing the agent under Linux?

Also did you downloaded the agent via some download manager? If yes, try please to download via native download option without third party software.

Also, check please that you installing agent NOT under sudo.

Let me know please if provided information was helpful.

Am able to install and run it. Their was a small mistake. while transfering .sh file from windows to linux please zip .sh file otherwise it will hit “MD5 checksums” and you will not be able to figure out.

Thanks all.

I’m happy to update you that in our latest release notes we have updated that from now on, if you have a Chrome or Firefox browser installed, you can execute your tests in a “headless” mode. By the way, if you run your agents in a “headless” Linux machine, your web tests will run in this mode automatically. When running a test or configuring jobs, just select the desired “headless” browsers from the list.

In order to use the “headless” option, the full browser needs to be installed on the agent machine.

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