Do not close Browsertab or Window after Testrun

Good Morning,

We have to test very long forms, for which a test automation is of course a good option. We have set up the test run until the results can be seen from the form (it is an insurance comparison calculator). But at the end of the test run, the browser window with all the results is closed because the test run has ended.

How can I prevent the browser window from closing after the test run?

If I can prevent the browser from closing, this saves me about 10 minutes each time, because otherwise the token will expire and I have to re-enter all entries manually. (Costs me around 2h per day) Is there a function that simply leaves the window open after the test run?

Thanks in advance.

Greetings Daniel

Hello @Daniel_K,
When a test ends the browser will close automatically as there are no steps left,
if you want the browser to remain open for more time after all steps finished and then close you can use the pause action with certain time the browser will close after the pause time ends.

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