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Do calculations with parameters

Hello, I’m user of TestProject for my work. I will need to do calculations with stored values stored in params.

Is it possible ? And if so, how ?

I ma French and very bad at English. Sorry if my message is difficult to understand. :roll_eyes:

Hello @sbillois,

Generally, you can integrate your parameters with any action which takes inputs,

Here is an example for you:

  • Let’s say my test contains 2 parameters, Param1 and Param2

  • The action I’d like to apply on them is calculating the sum of these two parameters. So, I will create a new step and set the action to be “Evaluate mathematical expression” and use these two parameters:

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Thank you very much !!! :+1: :slight_smile:
I see that we can compare the result with the value that we want. This will help me well.

Thanks again !

This does not work for me, if the result is a parameter :frowning:
the sum parameters have values, the result parameter is empty
help me figure it out please