Display notice while test is running

Does anyone know if it’s possible to display a notice when a test is running such as “Waiting 10 Seconds” ?

Hi @dnoakes, welcome to our community!
When a test is run it is best to isolate it from any events or interactions that may affect the execution’s behavior or cause issues and let it execute as close as possible to a real user scenario.
The best practice to achieve your goal would be to play the ‘Run’ button while using the recorder to see what happens and when.


Once you ran the test from the recorder you should know the test’s steps while being executed.
Then you should execute it without the recorder and let it run without accidentally interfering with it and receiving false report results.

If it helps, you can use the ‘Report step message’ to show a message in your test report or when using the recorder.


If this information isn’t valid in your case please elaborate on your intention so I can help you accomplish it.

Not ideal but this will work well with pause 10 seconds.

I did try and use a JAVA alert which did work along side the pause.

setTimeout(function(){ alert(“Smoke Test is waiting 10 Seconds for data population to complete”); }, 10000);

Only problem being JAVA doesn’t have a non alert box, so would be nice to have the same without the OK button.

A potential future enhancement would be nice to put informative prompts without affecting the overall running of the test. Some of my tests fetch a large amount of data which could be deemed as the test is not working until the pause has finished. just a thought!

Hello again @dnoakes :slight_smile:,
As mentioned in my previous answer, it is best to isolate tests to make sure they execute as smoothly as possible without the risk of false results.
However, we may consider adding such an option in the future.
If there is a change in the subject, we will update you here.

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