"Display device screen failed" when tried to mirror a connected device

Hi, got “Display device screen failed // Failed all attempts to start XCUITest on X…” (status: 502) when tried to mirror a connected Iphone 7 device. Previously iOS Settings of CSR & Certificate & Profisioning profile were updated and the connected iPhone was visibled with green checkmark in “Provisioned Devices” area. Does TestProject have any issues when TestProject Agent’s version is “3.5.0” and iOS software version is “15.5”? Could you provide any solutions due to this issue?

I got the same issue. I have just updated the OS iOS version to 15.6, and now i cannot create test cases.
It shows the error:

I am also facing the same error

I’m also facing this error

Do you still got the issue after th maintenance outage? It still shows the error on my testproejct. @eldar

Same here! I wonder if TestProject.io will look into this.
Any comments from TestProject team please?

Still getting the same issue, getting this issue after updating the iOS version to 15.6

Hi Team,

The issue was fixed.