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Display device screen failed issue

Hi i am almeena i am getting display device screen failed issue when i view my device from the editor page. I checked all my settings it is correct but it is happening since many days

Hello @amemon

Please make sure all of the settings on the device are exactly like this:

Enable “Developer options”.This could be done by entering “Settings” → “About Phone” → repeatedly tapping the “Build number”.You should get a message that says your enabled developer options.

Inside “Developer options”, enable:

  1. “Stay Awake”
  2. “USB debugging”
  3. “Disable Permissions Monitoring” option if it’s available.
  4. Under “Select USB configuration” select “MTP” or “File transfer”.
  5. Scroll down and turn the animation off for: “Window animation scale”, “Transition animation scale”, “Animator duration scale”.
  6. “USB Debugging (security setting)” and enable it.
  7. “Install via USB”

When you plug the USB cable into your Android device, you will be asked 2 things:

  1. Allow access to device data → select “YES”
  2. Allow USB debugging → select “OK”

If all of these settings are configured please contact us via chat to further investigate the issue