Display Device screen failed - iOS

Hi Team,

Unable to View/record the iOS devices. This was working fine earlier but when upgraded to iOS 15.6 this stopped working. Can you please help?



I have the same problem here.

This looks to be an issue with iOS 15.6 and TestProject. I confirmed all my devices on 15.5 are working and when I upgraded to 15.6 the device is getting the same error attempting to install the driver.

I hope these fixes are still included in the stability and they will look into it.

Same Issue after upgrade Iphone 8 to OS 15.6.

Same here after my iPad updated itself today! :angry:

Now i Upgraded my iOS from 15.5 to 15.6.
Then when I tried to run TestProject it was throwing error (also mentioned here): Unable to Determine Simulator version for β€œ####”. The team may review this feedback and notify me about the next steps.

Still getting the same issue, getting this issue after updating the iOS version to 15.6, any update, please look into this issue.

Me too, same problem.
Please fix the Issue uys

Hi Guys,
I was able to fix this problem by following the steps.

  1. Enable developer mode on iOS
    Apple Developer Documentation
    How To Turn ON Developer Mode on iPhone or iPad! [Developer Options] - YouTube
  2. Enable UI Automation option on Developer mode.
  3. Then connect your iPhone to your Mac
  4. Try the view device now, it should be working

HI all,

I confirm that Testproject support has fix the issue with ScreenDevice 15.6

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Yes this issue is fixed now but getting Appium server issue


It seems @testproject has resolved this issue. It’s working now :heart: :tada:

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