Display device screen failed - iOS. 15.4.1


I keep getting an error when I’m trying to view the device while recording a test in TestProject.

Failed verifying iOS settings and installing driver on (my device). Please make sure your device has access to the internet and that you have configured your iOS settings as specified in theTestProject documentation: iOS Devices - TestProject Documentation

It was working fine last month and I was able to record tests. I don’t know if my iPhone has been upgraded lately as I haven’t been using it. The TestProject driver was installed on my device but it suddenly uninstalled when I tried to view the device.

● iOS 15.4.1

● Developer mode ON and Enable UI Automation ON

● Device is authorized

● Apple Developer account is valid

● Certificate is valid

● Agent Version 3.5.0

● Windows 10

Is iOS 15.4.1 not supported by TestProject or is that not the issue here?

Hi yesterday I had the same issue, I suggest to perform again the provisioning steps, for me worked fine,

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Having the same error…
In iOS settings it shows my provisioned device correctly. I have gone through all the steps again to make sure.


But still receiving the error.