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Display device screen failed. Couldn't connect to agent of device

Display device screen failed. Couldn’t connect to agent of device
Hi, I’ve been working with TestProject for a couple of weeks, everything was working nice when suddendly a message “Display device screen failed. Couldn’t connect to agent of device” shows up when I tried to run a test, since that moment to date I’m unable to run any test on my device (Xiaomi MiA2). I’ve searched on Google and found lot of information related to this, I’ve tried uninstalling the local agent on my computer and tried again with not success, I found a very interesting article about it Failed to Connect Android Device | TestProject Help Center but was not helpful in my case. It’s seems like everything is working appropriately but still have the issue.

Hello @ddumenigo
When you connect the device, does your machine recognize that it is an Android device?
If not, try to download this driver

If this is not the case, please send us your Agent logs to support@testproject.io.
Before you download the logs file, please try connecting the device again then go to the Agents tab and do the following steps: