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Display device screen failed Couldn't connect to agent of device

Hi ,
Nexus_6P_API_29 emulator is showing error" display device screen failed".
Same with Nexus 5x android 30 .

Please try to enable “cold boot” on your emulator settings you can find it here:

Once enabled please reboot the emulator and try again.
See more details here:

Hi Amit,
Still facing the same issue.

Are you using a supported device operating system?

Also, did you do the regular steps like physical devices, enable debugging and etc?
Please follow this:

Hi Amit ,
Thank you for your help and quick response .

Yes, I am using supported device operating system .

And I am not using real device for testing ,
I am using Android emulator from Android studio.
I have few questions:

  1. Do we need real device connected if we are using Android emulator from Android studio?
  2. I don’t have USB enable for my system ,so can’t connect any device , is there any other way to perform automation testing for Android?

The agent should recognize the emulator, you don’t need a physical device connected.
Can you please share your logs with support@testproject.io
You can get them here:

Hi Amit ,
I can’t send logs because of some restriction.
Now i have connected the real device OnePlus 7 .
hope this will be helpfull.
find the latest log below:
06-02 19:16:52.713 1530 1530 D OpSlaManager: ifaceUp:true ni:[type: MOBILE[LTE], state: CONNECTED/CONNECTED, reason: (unspecified), extra: ims, failover: false, available: true, roaming: false]