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Different dropdown lists on the same screen / layout get recorded with same ELEMENT property

I am trying to see if we can use this tool to test ‘Salesforce / Vlocity’ applications and I am running through issues wherein, different dropdown lists and in some cases even text boxes get recorded with same ‘element’ properties which is making it literally impossible to send different inputs or perform different actions on each of those lists / textboxes.

Hello @sanath.kv.

This may happen with extremely dynamic elements.
You can overcome this by creating your own custom locator strategies for elements.

You can inspect whichever element you are having difficulties with, and view it’s attributes to help you decide on a locator strategy:

To edit the locators of existing elements in your test, you can press the edit icon when opening the step that is performed on that element in the recorder:

And add, edit and remove as many locator strategies as you will need:

If you need any assistance, please feel free to reach out to us either in the support chat or our support email address.

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