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Diff between ispresent and isvisble

What is difference between isvisible and ispresent in testProject and is there any explicit wait for this method?

Hello, and thanks for reaching out.

  1. Explicit wait times in TestProject are the step Pause (you can choose before or after doing your step).

  2. In TestProject there is an “Adaptive Wait” mechanism added by default to every step. An adaptive wait will wait for elements to appear before doing the action and until the maximum threshold is reached. You can change this adaptive wait for each individual step Untitled
    Or globally for your test from the settings

  3. If Visible actions, are actions that executed only if the element is visible but won’t fail the step if not.

  4. Is Visible validation - validates if the element is visible and uses the adaptive wait mechanism

  5. The difference between the is visible and is present validation is that Is visible checks if element is visible (and has width/height > 0) and Is present checks if an element is present on the Screen/DOM. You can see more details about all available validations here:

Thank yo @david.goichman