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Device Lab Mobile

Hi EveryOne

i am investigating for existing solution to offer possibility to running remotely test on Mobile : iOS, Android and Web,
i know that there is some famous solution as cloud : BowserStack and SauceLabs but i want to explore other :
is there some solution that offer hardware and software to to control this test on real device that we can plugged in my company , something like cabinet in wich we can plugged our device and with specific software we can lunch parallel execution remotely

Thanks in advance

Hi, thanks for reaching out!

You can create the entire device lab very quickly by utilizing TestProject, for absolutely FREE!

You can setup several Linux/Windows VM’s on the same desktop/server, install several TestProject agents inside the VM’s and connect multiple mobile devices to the USB ports on the physical machine, then map them between the different VM’s you installed.

Once you’re done you will have the exact lab you described.
Afterwards, using TestProject, you can orchestrate the automation and manage it from anywhere in the world remotely.
TestProject will do the heavy lifting for you :wink:

You can get a general idea of how it all works by observing the following diagram:

Happy Testing,
TestProject team.

Thank you David

What about the limit number of agents that can i install?

You can connect multiple devices to everyone’s agent and we don’t limit the number of agents you can install. There can be one agent per VM. The VM can be set to 1024-2048 MB in case you install Linux Ubuntu.
If you need help getting set up you can contact us here, at our support email or chat to help you get set up :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello David;

what about capability of Test Project in CI/CD. is there support of Jnekins for example ?

Best regards


Le lun. 23 mars 2020 à 23:08, David Goichman via TestProject testproject@discoursemail.com a écrit :

Yes we do have integration with Jenkins :slight_smile:
Here is the documentation: https://docs.testproject.io/testproject-integrations/integration-with-jenkins
Our Jenkins plugin is soon to be extended with additional functionality.

We also have a RESTful API you can integrate in your CI/CD pipeline.

If you have further questions ,feel free to ask.