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Device Applicatons, Fail to retrive Application

I am using, Ubuntu 16.04,
From TestProject Platform I try to Connect android Device that time i am not able to find Application.
Getting error … Fail to Retrieve Application. Time out
Android Version. 6.0.1


What application is it? What is your device model? Can you please provide a screenshot?
Please try disconnecting/connecting device and try again.


I am not able to get application through search so I have added app mutually as youtube with ‘com…youtube’ path
I have try 3-4times connecting and disconcerting. with 2 same mobile device with Ubuntu and Windows platform.
link for screen-shot https://ibb.co/k9XxzT
some video recorded


Could you please make sure that your device is not locks with a Pattern/PIN?
If so please disable it, reconnect and connect it again before trying to create an app.
Also, please make sure to enable Install via USB under Settings > Additional Settings > Developer options


Hi Marat,

Yes i am now able to find application from mobile,
I have recored the test and play it, it is working fine,
but when i try to run test then its not opening device and test got fail.
see result at video https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1hhUD2fUmbVT7k6RfavfoIIo4krV-XtWC?usp=sharing

please suggest the solution.


What says the error of the execution report?
You can inspect it by clicking the little red exclamation mark on the right side of the test.

it says
app com.miui.calculator/com.mini.calculator.cal.CalculatorActivity is not installed on xiaomi-redmi…


We identified a problem that has been fixed.
Please download the latest Agent.