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Desired Capabilities set on Job level do not apply on browserstack

Hi all,

When running tests with the virtual agent on browserstack, it seems that the desired capabilities that are set on job level are ignored. Here an example of the set capabilities:

I would like my tests to run on the set resolution, but in browserstack they are ignored and instead the default resolution is used, which is not suitable for my application. Should I specify these at some other level?


You can add Set window size step to your test. Click the blue plus button on the bottom, select Type Action and Set window size as Action.

Thank you, I will try this, I also found there is a “Maximize window” option.
But I’d be interested if capabilities can be set for a whole job that would then run on the virtual browserstack agent, so as to avoid including redundant steps like this in each test created.

In that case try adding it in this format, use --window-size instead of resolution

"goog:chromeOptions": {
    "args": [