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Delete acccount

so here is the case :
i create Testporject account with my personal email. then i invite my office mail and my team mail so all the project that already created can be used by all the team member that im already invited.

i need to separate my personal email. so all the project that i created on my personal email is not available for the team.

if i delete account from my personal email, is the project all will be deleted? or it will still there any all the team still can use it?

then i will recreate again from my personal email.

Hi, basically you acted correctly. what you need to do now is simply sending an email to support@testproject.io (from the current owner email) asking to switch ownership from your private account to your company email account (please specify which one). once it’s done you will be able to delete you personal email from the account. and Yes once it deleted you will be able to create a new different account with it at TestProject. Hope it makes sense.

ok… noted.
thanks alot


the ownership is change now from my private mail to my company mail.
however when i logged in use my private mail, i cant find the way to delete my account, the deletion should be done by owner.
while if im loggedin use my company mail, i cant find the way to delete/kick my private mail out.

is there a way to kick user out from the account?

sorry my bad, i can remove my personal mail already


you can login with any other email that have admin rights and remove the user, like this.
let me know if it works for you

yap thanks
its done now…