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Date Picker to Perform dynamic dateToday Or dateToday + days

Date Picker Option:
Is it possible to have dynamic parameter dateToday that could be configured as dateToday + Days
So during regression it is possible to have automation to pick date today or dateToday + days
it would help regression and will save time than editing parameters daily.

Hi @quality.1dayQA,

You can use the Date Time Operations addon: https://addons.testproject.io/date-time-operations

This addon contains an action to get the current date as well as manipulate the date (adding/sudtracting days, hours, minutes, etc.).

Thank you!! this will be very helpful! :smiley:
Sorry I’m new to project and didn’t know about the addons yet

You’re welcome @quality.1dayQA!
You can read more about our addons in the link that I sent you above :wink:

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