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Date Picker Automation with Parameter


I wanted to pass date as a parameter in my application, but unable to do so.
Can anybody please give me any reference implementation link or suggest some solution ?

Typing is not possible in control.
Attaching is the screenshot.


Hello, please take a look at the following example:
First record the select day step:

then, go into the click step and change the day to a parameter in the locator:

You need to delete all the locators and leave only the first one with the parameter so they do not affect the selection of the element.
Now, let’s create the parameter so we can make the selection dynamic:

Create the parameter for the day:

I chose the default day to be 1.

You can select another value for this parameter from the parameter tab to 20, just for the example.

Once I have the parameter I can do data-driven testing and so in each iteration, I will select other dates.

for more info about the data-driven testing you can go here:

Please let me know if you need more help.

Hi Kfir,

Thanks for the reply, but now my recording option is not working, it loads the application login page and then stays there . no further action is happening. any suggestion ?


Please try to restart your agent, if it’s still not working try to use Chrome incognito mode.
Let me know if that helped.



  1. restarting the agent
  2. updating agents
  3. restarting the laptop :slight_smile:
    but still not working

I can run the test in normal chrome, but no recording window is getting started.

how to set chrome incognito for recording ?

one more obseravtion:
the recording option is getting enabled in sample project. but not in newly created projects.



I tried the process, i am giving parameters from csv template. it has currently 2 records.
it processes the first record correctly, but unable to select second record and the date cant be filled.

other observation is , in my case , its always comes as a div instead of link.


Any thoughts ?


You can change the element type to whatever you think is correct.
Please provide more details, what is the message that you see when the second iteration is processed?