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Datasource linkage to Project parameters

Project parameters are great option to avoid repeated creation of parameters in test case level. Best examples are ApplicationURL, UserName and Password.

At present project parameters don’t have linkage to data sources. Because of this it brings following limitation

  1. Values cannot be passed to the test case directly. Instead the project parameters should be always updated with values. Post that executions should be triggered.
  2. Using project parameters bring data conflicts if automation of few test cases is in progress and at the same time few test cases execution is ongoing.

Based on discussion with support team, we need to duplicate the project and copy the automated test cases from dev to staging. It bring challenges in maintenance and along with that subsequent copy of the same test case is not overwriting the earlier copied case in the another project.

Overall, it is critical and important to enable data source mapping to project parameter to simplify the dynamic values assignment to the project parameters during runtime.

Looking forward to see this feature. Thanks


Thank you for your suggestion, you make a good point here, we’ll look into it.

TestProject team.

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