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Data Sources: Overwrite file with same name

Feature: CSV data source upload

Given I have a file named test-data-payment-failed.csv
And this file is linked to a test job

When I want to update that data source file
Then I have to first delete the file
And reupload under the same name of test-data-payment-failed.csv
And I will have to link this “new” file to my test job again.

Otherwise, it says a file of the same name already exists

Improvement request
Instead, could we overwrite the file so that I do not have to link to the job again?

Thank you for considering this request!
And thanks for your great app!

Hello @victor.deramecourt
In the Data Sources page you can just edit the existing Data source which is linked to the Jobs.



You still discard the previous one but you wont need to link the CSV to the Job again.

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Hi @ran.tzur

Thank you, can’t believe it was this simple and I missed it.
Not sure if I can close this thread/feature request as it’s no longer relevant.