Data source CSV (external or auto upload)

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Quick question regarding Data Source and automation.

I have a .csv file updated daily on the desktop of my agent.
ex: C:\Users\TestProject\Desktop\urls.csv
Really simple content of the csv:

I have a test using a data source to check urls daily.
(using {url} as a parameter) and data source

How can I update the data source without having to manually upload the data source.?
Can I use a local path to a data source instead?
Can I replace the content of a data source and use the same DataSourceID ? (read only??)
Can I use TestProject to auto upload the new csv? (almost there but issue with the drag & drop feature while selecting the csv file)

Thank you

I use google drive on the machine running the tests,
The latest google drive mounts your storage as a g:\ on windows.
This was testproject can write to and read from a csv.
the with google drive can use anythings from git, IFTTT and any other tools tbh to help automate the flow.

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Thank you tsalisbury :slight_smile:
Unfortunately that doesn’t solve how I can update the data source in testproject or maybe I missed something.

depends on how you wanting to as TP has some basic read / write abilities for Google drive

So just depends where you want your source for urls to be, as example can use IFTTT:

I’ve used githooks myself, reading the values from specific file in branch > passing this through in IFTTT that edits a google drive file.
Then TP could read said values and store them as a parameter to use as testing.
ie go to {urlParameter1}

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Hi - i am trying to upload a new data source csv file via API. I already got the upload-link but when I am trying to use the PUT method, the response is 200 but I don’t see my data source getting updated. Any ideas why?

Sending GET request to:

Sending PUT request to: https://TheUploadLink

Sending POST request to:

Thanks for this. So I was only doing up until PUT but never did the POST. Ugh. It’s perfectly working now. Thank you!

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