Custom step result message in recorded test/edit test mode

While recording test steps or manually adding test steps, I also want to add a custom message whenever a test step fails. With this capability, I should be able to see both custom message and current technical message in the test report and Job report.

How can I achieve this functionality in TestProject?

Hi @arun.subramanyam,
I have added a simple guide that should help you achieve your goal:

  1. Create a step with the ‘Report step message’ action, and write your message.

  1. Group this test to a step.

  1. Duplicate the step and change the name and masage as many times as needed.

  2. Go to your test > the step you want to add a message to > Advanced Options > How To Act If The Step Fails? > Recovery Test > choose the message you want.
    *After recovery runs - Choose the option that fits your case.

  • Note that you will only be able to see the message in your test report.

Hi @ran.ferdinaro , Thank you very much for the quick and precise steps. This solution works for me. You can close this topic.

Just a suggestion: Can we prompt for custom message in the test step itself when we select ‘Fail Test’ or ‘Continue Test’ options? In this way, we can probably avoid having many of Report message steps in the entire test suite.

Hi @arun.subramanyam,
I am glad to hear the solution worked for you :grinning:.
Also, I have created an improvement ticket for your suggestion.
The ticket number is TP-17254.
You will get notified here once it’s resolved.

Thanks @ran.ferdinaro for considering my suggestion. You can close this topic.