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So we have a situation where we’re primarily using the UI of TestProject.io to run tests - they’re not triggered automatically via a CI/CD process.

The problem we’re running into is that we need to have different parameters for different scenarios but the tests themselves do not change.

Other than manually changing all the params every time we run a test suite, is there a better way to manage those? Ideally we’d be able to specify some sort of environment (eg: “dev”, “staging”, “pre-production”, “client01” etc.) and to get parameters unique to those environments.

I suspect that this has been asked before but I couldn’t really figure out the correct search term since “environment” refers to something different in TestProject.io. So I apologize in advance for asking a question that has already been answered - if you have links to those answers I’d love those as well.


You can currently override a job application URL via TestProject API,
Which means you can create a JSON that contains the application environment (dev / stg / prod) and their related tests parameters, you will then be able to save it as CURL command and run it from anywhere windows for example can use Invoke-WebRequest to execute the command with the override values
Regarding overriding from the UI, we have a ticket to make it possible with the number: TP-15570
I will let you know here once this feature is completed.