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Custom Element Types

I’ve recently discovered that TP allows defining Element Types (a feature available from the Addon page).

Since Element Types appear to be some sort of “Add-on”, and are delineated as Mine / Installed and searchable, it would seem to indicate they can be imported / installed some how?

I haven’t found much in the forum/docs regarding this feature. It would be helpful if someone who has used Element Types a bit could explain a bit more about how to best leverage Element Types.

After having created some custom element types (for Web elements), one thing I have noticed is that the TP test recorder’s Explorer flags matching custom element types. I have not yet found a relaiable way get the recorder use custom element types when making recordings though.

I am able to use Custom Element Types when manually saving/creating an element to the Element Library using the Recorder’s element Identifier Widget (the one that follows the pointer), but to usa a custom element type, you always have to search it up - would be great if you some-how could give custom element types a higher priority when they are relevant.

I would also be great if there, in the future was a possiblity to somehow leverage these custom Element Types in Manage Application Strategies dialog.