CSV Operations, change delimiter

How does one change the delimiter for the CSV Operations addon?
It seems like it needs to be comma separated.
This is not bad, but I would prefer to be able to use another delimiter like de semi-colon.
When updating the csv used to store testdata, we usually go for excel.
It would be more trouble some to ask everyone that wants to update the data to change their excel settings and change the Decimal and Thousands separator than it would be to just change the delimiter in the step when reading data from the csv.
If the option is there, please tell me how to use is, I seem to have overlooked it.
If the option is not there, would it be possible for someone to add that option?

Hi @matthijs.risselada ,

  1. navigate to the data source in the ‘data sources tab’.
  2. Press on edit.
  3. CSV Advanced.
  4. Choose one of the available delimiters.