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CsV file Dataread

Hy !

I need to use a CSV file as a dataresource. I give the name, and also the row and col atributes, but I get an error Message: Failed opening file for reading.

Hello @pasztor.mate,

Can you please send your agent logs to the TestProject support email at support@testproject.io ?
You can get them on the Agents page:

I solve the problem with a Path from my PC.
My next question is: Can I get values from uploaded csv file.

Thanks for the fast help!!!

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Hey @pasztor.mate,

You can perform a data-driven test and use the required data source for initializing the test parameters.

  • Parameterize inputs in your test steps


  • Upload the data source to the TestProject platform


  • Click on the run button


  • Configure your test to use a data source


Here you can read more about Data-Driven tests in TestProject:

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Dear @meidan.nasi,

I have one more:

I know i can create test documentation in the details of a test: image
Are there any other way?

Best regards,

Hey @pasztor.mate,

Currently, this is the way to get documentation about the test,
In case you’d like to customize it with your own comments, you can add them for each step in your test:

So it will be integrated into the test documentation:

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