Cross-platform Testing

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I have an issue that I’d like to discuss and to find a nice and flexible solution for:

We need quality assurance on workflows across our platforms - i.e. that stretches ACROSS those upon which test cases on TestProject are build - i.e. Frontend/Mobile, Backend/Web AND as either only recorded test cases or as exported code. At the same time :slight_smile:

To be specific, we plan on establishing a series of WORKFLOW BASED JOBS that reflect the “critical business workflows” that our clients run daily involving both Mobile (i.e. our frontend solution) and Web (i.e. our backend solution) in a coordinated sequence: First we do this on backend/web, then this on frontend/Web -. and if the results on frontend is A) then THIS on backend, or if B) THAT on backend.

Makes sense? :slight_smile:

We plan to provide the test coverage for a series of such workflows - and at the same time gradually migrating test cases from being

  1. only available as recordings in TestProject for both Mobile and Web, to
  2. Being available both as recordings AND as exported code AND for both Mobile and Web test types, to finally
  3. jobs with test cases being available ONLY as code AND still for both Mobile and Web.

I fear I might have overseen things when aiming for the flexibility of combining all the test types in jobs where the individual test case (preferable test step!) calls other test types on other platform.

I hope this all makes sense? :slight_smile:

And, let me know if I may have overlooked anything and if I should supply more details here.

Thanks in advance,

Torben :+1:

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