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Create test cases without click

Hi, i have question and help. Im new with the TestProject.

How to make the test cases read the process without click? in my cases i want, after i click the button “Start Process”, the test cases will record the next test cases without click. example it will record the feed status and last added in the picture. Thanks

Hello @sitihajarasyikinisha.

To record tests on your applications you have a few options:

  1. Interact with the page, click on elements, type text into textboxes etc, these actions are recorded and appended to the step list.

  2. “Freeze” elements by hovering over them with your mouse, and pressing Shift twice, you’ll see a context menu where you can select the action/validation you’d like to perform on the element and a couple more options to view information about the element:


  1. Create the steps manually, by selecting the: ''Add Step Manually" option at the bottom of the step recorder:


You can also use the “Add test as a step” button to add entire tests into your current tests to essentially reuse the steps in the other test.

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