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"Couldn't upload Apple Certificate file" pops up after upload *.cer file

It’s worked well for couple of days, Today, I tried to change ios cerificate file (which generated with latest CSR file), it reports upload fail, and let me try again. I could see the sever report 500 error: https://api.testproject.io/api/v1/account/configuration/apple/certificate 500. What’s going on with server.

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“Operation failed, please try again.” I submitted again and again, error still pops up.

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Just started exploring in Test Project. While uploading the apple certificate today I also faced the same issue.

I guess this is TP server issue, need TP guys help fix it.

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Same problem, I think it started less than 24 hours ago. At first I could upload then certificate, but I failed to upload the provisioning profile. And then I started it all over again, Now I cannot upload both the certificate and then provisioning profile. I guess I just too late to upload before error. Waiting TP to fix this error.

@SimonLiu, @sunuthomas & @senoapm - we’ve identified the issue and are working on a fix. We will keep you updated ASAP. Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

@SimonLiu, @sunuthomas & @senoapm - the issue has been resolved :slight_smile:
Can you please try again and keep us updated?

Thank you all!

@Karen.Teboulle it works now, thank you. Would you please share what’s going on?

@SimonLiu - Great, thank you for the update! It was a minor infrastructure issue that has been resolved.