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Couldn't copy Development key , Operation failed

On trying to get Developer key i get below message. Kindly help

Hi @akshay.s,

Can you please refresh the page and try again?
Refresh using: ctrl+shift+r

Let me know if it helped

Hi Amit,

i see the same message after refreshing too. Checked on firefox too… No luck

Can you please open the Chrome dev tools and open the network tab?
Click on “Preserve logs” and then, try to get the developer token again. When it will fail, click on one of the items in the network tab and save it as HAR.

Please send me the HAR file: amit.yahav@testproject.io

Done, sent you over mail. (from: akshaysoni36@yahoo.com)

Hi @akshay.s,

We reset your dev token. Please try to copy it again.

Kind regards,

Thank you amit for the quick response !! it worked.

That’s great @akshay.s!
I’m really glad I could help you :slight_smile: