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Could not resolve io.testproject:java-sdk:1.2.3-RELEASE

In my build.gradle file, I have:

repositories {


dependencies {
    implementation "io.testproject:java-sdk:1.2.3-RELEASE"

But I get this error:

Could not resolve io.testproject:java-sdk:1.2.3-RELEASE.

Possible solution:
 - Declare repository providing the artifact

What is the problem?

Have a look at this working example to find differences with your code:

@marat Thanks for the prompt reply.
I cloned the repo that you mentioned and opened it is AndroidStudio. But again the build fails with the exact same error message! Any idea?

It’s not an Android project, I would suggest using IntelliJ IDEA (Download IntelliJ IDEA: The Capable & Ergonomic Java IDE by JetBrains) and not Android Studio.

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Thanks a lot. It worked using IntelliJ IDEA.