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Copy test steps from one test case to another test case

Hi Team,

I have some the common steps in multiple test cases. How can I reuse my common steps in different test cases?

You can reuse them, follow these steps:
Create a new test in the same project
click on “+” to add a test step .
select type as ‘test’ from the right side pane >> ok
select ‘select test’, you will see all existing test cases can be imported .

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Thanks @it.dishantrawat. This is correct. However my requirement is just to copy only few steps of some test cases to another. I don’t want to call entire test into another.

I am not sure if thats possible, experts can comment. It can be duplicated within a test but not to other test .

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Hello @nitish22688, @it.dishantrawat is correct in this case, you can copy steps between tests by using nested tests.
A good idea is to create what will basically be a generic test and reuse it in various different tests.

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You right, at the moment this is the right way to do it. But we are happy to share that create test from steps capability was developed and currently in testing stage, within 1-2 weeks this feature should be available in production.

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thats a great news! Thanks!!!

Thanks @Mark_K. We are excited for this feature.

Hello Mark,

Is this feature a part of TestProject now?


Hello @diabolique.me
Indeed the feature to group test has been released a while ago.
You can read this article now to use that feature along with how to transfer test steps: