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Copy test cases between the users


I wonder if your instructions on exporting/importing tests are up to date?

I wanted to share my test case with a teammate and when he is trying to import zip file error about no dll files shows. I also tried to change the file format from zip to jar. but then importing even more errors. Is there any other way to export/ import test scenarios?



When you export a recorded test to code and before uploading it back to TestProject you need to build a binary test from it, aka compile it to dll or jar (depended on the exported source code). For that you need to download TestProject SDK setup your solution in your local IDE and compile it.

But if your goal is only sharing tests with teammates in order them to execute / edit those tests, you don’t need to export it to code… You can just invite your teammate to your TestProject account, give him access to one of your projects and start collaborating, he will have access to your tests , reports data files and he will be able to execute the tests you recorded locally with TestProject agent…

hope it make sense