Copy Multiple Tests to Project

Hi There

Please can an enhancement of being able to select multiple tests and copy to Project be looked into.

Current you can click on the 3 dots of 1 test and copy to a Project:

but it would be helpful if you could select multiple tests and copy to a Project :slight_smile:

Thank you

Hello @guy and thank you for reaching out.

I have opened an improvement ticket for your suggestion.
The ticket number is TP- 17170

Meanwhile, You can accomplish your goal by following this guide:

  1. Create a new test in your project, then enter it.

  2. Create a tests as a steps and choose the tests you would like to copy.

  • If you get this notification, press the β€˜Yes’ button.
  1. Save your new test and download it.


  2. Import your downloaded test back to TestProject and choose where to save it (you can even create a new project).

You will see all your tests in your desired project.
You can now delete the test you used for this process.

Please let me know if this information helped you achieve your goal.