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Copy ID not possible


in this blog posts it is explained in Step 2 how I should copy the appId and projectId. In the webinterface on testproject.io I do not have the option to click the three dots … and then click Copy ID there.

Is there a new way to get the ID from the UI? Or can I only retrieve the ID from the testproject API?

Kind regards,

Hi Arthur.
Can you please share a screenshot of what you see instead of the 3 dots?


I don’t see the 3 dots. For example on a Android Application.

Can you please delete that and try to upload the APK again.
I just tried it my self, and I did have the 3 dots.


I uploaded this 1 hour ago. So do you think it could be browser related? I’m working on Windows 10 with Chrome Version 80.0.3987.149.

This is the same version I have, and is the latest so that is not the issue.
You can try with a different apk?
Or just try to upload this one again like I suggested.

Nevermind I can see it now. Could it be that it only appears when the Agent is connected? Because this is what change right now. I just connected my Agent.

Anyway thanks for your help. I was just wondering, because I was pretty sure the 3 dots were already there :smiley:

Nope the agent does not have to be connected to see the dots :slight_smile:
Happy they are there now, most likely a temporary glitch in the browser.

Please let us know if you have further questions :+1: