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Copy a test (duplicate) when up dating one changes the other

So I have a test that runs through a survey on the Web, I duplicated this so that I could then run the same survey exactly the same through mobile.

When tweaking the “mobile” test it is changing the original test elements.

Example Web version uses Radio button, but when it is mobile size those are changed to buttons
(different elements,xpath etc)

Mainly my question is why when updating my Mobile copy is it updating the original test. Driving me crazy, I really do not want to re-create each survey from scratch for each version. Is there something I am doing incorrectly?


The elements are shared between the tests in the project, so changing them in one test will change them in the others.
You can go around it by creating new element actions in the relevant places.

Thank you, I got it squared away. I did have to do what you stated. A bit of a pain in the butt but still beats creating the whole test from scratch.

Also sorry for the late reply, ben heads down trying to get this working.