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Copied teststep from testsystem doesn´t work on productive system with the same css selector and attributes


I.Initial situation
I have a working test case on the TESTSYSTEM.
This is accessed via a CSS selector of the “name” attribute and a match is found.

-ACTION - CLICK on element
-ELEMENT - TYPE “TEXTBOX”, LOCATERS CSS Selector => “[name=‘ZipCode’]”

II. problem

When I copy the test case to use it on the PRODUCTIVE SYSTEM, testproject.io
no longer recognises the “[name=‘ZipCode’]” via the CSS Selector.
I am forced to record the test case again manually.

see screenshot of the copied teststep “screenshot_copied_teststep_Zipcode2_no_match_found.png” => no match found
see screenshot of the new recorded teststep “screenshot_new_recorded_teststep_Zipcode1_match_found.png” => match found

How can I use copied test cases on other systems without having to re-record them?
I can also show you the problem during an MS Teams Call.

thanks or you help!

greetings Daniel

Hello @daniel.sonne
Can you please click On Advanced Options in the recorder
Scroll down to context in BOTH tests and send me a screenshot from both.