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Constantly kicked to Login

A few things as I’ve just started using the software:

  1. I am very, very frequently kicked to the login page. If i stay logged in for more than 3 minutes while working, I’m suprised.
  2. The session recording also often has an issue with saving. Sometimes I can create 3 steps in my test, other times 30, but sooner or later, it bogs down and cannot save the step, i have to close the recorder and relogin (because of issue #1), go all the way back into my test and re-launch record and try again.
  3. Is there no way to chain tests? I have a test to run for logging a user in, then i have say, 30 other things i want to test, It would be great to be able to re-use the login test while allowing me to have smaller tests that chain off of it. As it stands now it seems i have to have the same 10 steps to login on every step if I don’t want them to be super large.

Hi @david1,

Regarding 1 and 2, it shouldn’t log you out unless you explicitly logging out. I’ve seen cases like this one before and usually, it was related to some Chrome extension that blocked the communication. Can you please try to disable your extensions until you figure out what exactly causing it?

As for number 3, you have two options:

  1. You can create a separate login test and then use it as a step in your other 30 tests. That way, you will only need to create this test once.

  2. When you run several tests as a part of a job, the session remains open. So, in that case, you only need to login once at the first test of the job. The rest of the tests will use the same session.

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Thank you for the prompt response, i’ll be giving it a shot as soon as I can!