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Constantly getting Error message when creating a test

I have followed every steps on the tutorial provided by this awesome platform.
Now, the problem is that every time I try to connect my device and create a test, I get a message above.

I restarted the agent and my device.
I switched to the other device and tried.
I deleted my iOS setting and re-do the tutorial steps… Still I get the same message :frowning:

please, help.

I am also getting the same message when attempting to connect a real iOS iPad 10.2 v14.0.1.
I have followed the same tutorial and have the provisioning profile and certificate needed.
The device is in developer mode as well (can see what I need in XCode).

I know I’ve seen you folks get us in the chat to work through this but I’m hoping you could tell me that I’m missing something easy and I can just correct it.


Hello @erick.caceres
Can you please send your agent logs to support@testproject.io

This how you can download the agent logs from TestProject:

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Hey Ran,
I sent the logs to the support email. Looks like it is failing at enabling developer mode on the device, which is odd. The Developer settings are available on the ipad device and XCode recognizes it as a development device.

Hey Ran, any word on this?

Thanks @erick.caceres
Do you have iTunes installed?
Can you please check if the device is showing in iTunes?

Hi Ran,
Yeah the device appears in iTunes. Did you see anything of note in the logs?
Should I deauthorize the device and redo all of the certificates and provisioning profile? It seems like its set up correctly but maybe I need to go through the process again?

Seems odd that in the Settings on the device, the Developer section is available but then testproject doesn’t recognize that it has the right drivers or is in developer mode.

Hi @erick.caceres

I checked the logs you sent,
seems like developer mode starts successfully on your iPad according to device logs:

Oct  6 15:42:24 Ericks-iPad swcd[239] <Notice>: Developer mode enabled: YES 

But also I see something that looks very weird in the Agent logs.
R&D team will look into this and get back to you at earliest.

Thanks Marat!
I was hoping to get started on our mobile automation suite as I’ve been using this product for several months this year to test a field and web mapping system in Chrome browser. It’s been really helpful and it’s beginning to get some inquiries from the utility company we’re contracted with.

Hopefully getting their mobile app automated can bring them on board to officially use this product!
Looking forward to hearing from you on hopefully getting this to work on my device.

Hello @erick.caceres,

Can you please try mirroring the device now?

In case the issue persists, can you send us your agent logs again to our support email address?

Hi @erick.caceres

We’ve just published a new Agent version - 0.64.60
Among other changes, there is also a better support for iOS 14 devices.
It should solve the issue you experienced.

Appreciate it, when I get a chance this week, I will test this out. Thanks!