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Connection error when OS messages are on screen

in iOS, When an OS message appears on the screen (for example, a message to update to 13.5.1 version), the connection to the device does not finish establishing.
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Hello @carmelo.gascon.

Can you expand a bit more about the issue?
What is the exact scenario?
Also, there seems to be an issue with the image you’ve attached to the post, can you please re-upload it?

Hi @david.goichman,
As you know, occasionally on the screen of the device (iOS in this case) appear messages from the OS, which prevent its use until they have been closed (for example, a version update notice).
I have two situations:
1.- The device does not connect (logs that I attached yesterday)
2.- The device connects but is not able to delete the messages (it cannot find the item to click)


Hi @david.goichman,
I attach the logs of a test carried out today, with this message in the terminal,

the connection via SDK shows this error.


@carmelo.gascon, we are looking into these issues.
Will update you once I can.