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Connecting to remote device and agent

This may be a newbie question, but I have searched and Googled as much as I can for it.

My teammates and I are trying to view each others’ remote devices, via each other’s Public Agents. The viewer comes up, and then we get the error: “Display device screen failed
Couldn’t connect to agent of device (…”

I have setup TestProject agents on two PCs sitting beside each other and had the same problem. I also wasn’t able to register a remote agent from one machine to the other and was told there wasn’t an agent running - although all I have is the computer’s local (NAT) IP address. I did shut off its firewall and antivirus, but that didn’t help.

TestProject.io doesn’t seem to have any problem recording tests across the Internet via these agents, so I don’t see how this would be different?

Does this just work for other people?

Should anyone come across the same problem: Working with Meidan in Support I have found out:

  • Mirroring only works (currently?) across a LAN not the Internet (using a VPN might work)

  • I still could not mirror between two computers sitting side by side - this seemed to have something to do with my router’s DNS. Changing the requesting computer’s DNS to an external server ( solved the problem - which implies a router setting must need adjusting.

Hello @burr.road,

You are right.
For mirroring a mobile device connected to a remote machine, your machines should be under the same network.

Thank you for sharing this information with the community.

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